MCV Junior Fife & Drum Workshop



When: Saturday, March 7, 2015

Venue: UMass Extension School (4-H): 240 Beaver Street, Waltham, MA




Open to all Junior Level Fifers, Snare drummers and Bass drummers (18 and under please).

List of Workshop Instructors:

Fife Instructors

  • Beth Humphreys, Fifer, MCV
  • Sarah MacConduibh, Fife Section Lead, MCV
  • Sean Quint, Fifer, MCV
  • Larissa Sasgen, Fifer, MCV; Music Director, Advanced Fife Instructor, Middlesex County 4H Fifes and Drums
  • Steven Taskovics, Fife Sergeant, MCV

Snare Drum Instructors

Michael Godin, Drum Sergeant, MCV



MCV Junior Fife & Drum Workshop Instructors Biographies

Michael Godin has been playing drums for over 30 years. He performed snare drum with the Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps for 4 years and has since been with MCV for the past 22 years. Michael is currently the drum section lead for MCV and composes the majority of the drum charts. Michael has also performed with the Top Secret Drum Corps from Switzerland and with the Legends of Drum & Bugle Corps.

Beth Humphreys entered the fife and drum community through the Middlesex County 4-H Fife and Drum Corps at the age of 6. She played the drum for two years before Steven Taskovics got his hands on her; she switched to her true calling, the fife, at 8 years old. During her time in the corps she was Fife Sergeant and discovered her love for teaching. MC4HFD was extremely formative to her life, and led her to both the Bluffpoint Quahog Digger’s Band and later MCV. Beth has been a member of MCV for about a year, and looks forward to many more. Beth spends her weekends at 4-H teaching the beginners (her absolute favorite level) and attending MCV rehearsals. When she is not at rehearsal, Beth enjoys reenactments, museums, and reading a good book. Beth is excited for her first junior workshop.

Sarah MacConduibh has been a fifer with MCV since 1984 (ouch!), Manager for more than two decades, and fife section lead (1994-2012, 2014-), where she continues to build the fife section on the strong foundation established by her predecessors, Kerri Cunningham, Jane Law and Paul Joseph, striving for excellence in musicality and pushing the envelope with the fife. In the early 90s Sarah also joined John Ciaglia, John Benoit, and Jane Law in Fife in the Fast Lane. MCV has since become source music for the greater Boston area, performing with the Boston Camerata, and frequently appearing with Keith Lockhart or John Williams and the Boston Pops. During Sarah's tenure, MCV highlights include eight CDs and 15 performance tours both in the US and abroad, including international military tattoos at Basel, Edinburgh, Halifax, Sydney and Malmö. Sarah also performs Irish flute and whistle with the Celtic quartet Fellswater. Alas, music is still only an avocation: In 'real life' she studied electrical engineering, was an Officer in the Air Force, and is now Vice President of Air Force Programs at The MITRE Corporation. Married to Jim MacConduibh (snare drummer and Director of MCV, and guitarist in Fellswater), they share their home with five cats and a dog, and when not working or playing music they spend as much time as possible underwater (scuba diving), and sampling the cuisine and cultures in remote corners of the world.

Sean Quint has been playing the fife since he was eight years old; starting his journey with the Marlborough Junior Ancient Fifes and Drums in 1998, and has been playing the fife ever since. Sean has been a captive of MCV for almost two years, and has been treated very well during that time. When he isn't driving to and from events, Sean spends his time earning his degree in History at the University of Connecticut, with aspirations to become a teacher. This will be Sean's second time volunteering at the workshop.  

Larissa Sasgen holds a degree in music performance from Northern Illinois University, she has played music for over 20 years, fife and drum specifically for 15. Larissa has been teaching both private lessons and small groups for the past decade, and she is currently the advanced fife instructor and Music Director for Middlesex County 4H Fifes and Drums. In 2007, she joined MCV and moved from Illinois to Massachusetts (in that order). She has met many dear friends through music and lives her life with a constant soundtrack. When not creating or teaching music, you can typically find her enjoying history or in a crew boat on the Charles River.

Steven Taskovics is an experienced fifer playing nearly 40 years with a variety of organizations beginning with the Sudbury Ancient Fife and Drums (SAFD) in 1975 and currently with the Middlesex County Volunteers Fifes and Drums (MCV). Steven has been playing with MCV in name since 1978 and is the only original member still playing when MCV was officially formed in 1983. Within MCV Steven has held a number of roles including Quartermaster, Music Committee, Member at Large, and continues as one of the fife Sergeants under section lead Sarah MacConduibh. His instruction experience goes back to 1978 starting with the SAFD, the Middlesex County 4H Fifes and Drums, the Lincoln Minute Men, and as a recruit instructor for MCV. An avid and experienced Revolutionary War reenactor since 1978, Steven has reenacted most of the major battles during the bicentennial as part of the 4th Middlesex Massachusetts Regiment of Foot/85eme Regiment Saintonge. Within Saintonge Steven has held a number of staff roles including fifer, chasseur (light infantry), Sergeant, Captain Commanding, Treasurer, and is currently the President. He is sought for his staff, organizational, and tactical experience to support and develop reenactments and was selected as overall French commander of over 200 troops at the 225th reenactment of Yorktown in 2006. Professionally, Steven works for the MITRE Corporation as a Lead Systems Engineer. Steven shares his home with his wife Heather (also of MCV), daughter Anna, 3 cats, and a guinea pig. Anna aspires to share in her parents’ musical legacy to wherever it may take her.

Andrea Wirth is a reliable standard of the fife and drum community in the Boston area.  She saw MCV play in Michigan in 1987 and knew that one day she would join this group!  She finished her BMusA degree in Percussion Performance at the University of Michigan and headed east.  The rest is history.  This year will be her 22nd season in MCV.  She served as the drum sergeant from 1994-1999 or so (can't remember back that far….).  Andrea has drummed in a red coat for the British reenactors from the ramparts of Yorktown and in concert black with the Boston Camerata on tour in Germany.    She remembers fondly playing timpani for the Finale of the Halifax Tattoo and falling in love with Edinburgh Castle.  A major highlight was performing in front of millions live and on TV with the Boston Pops on July 4th.   Though she's played percussion for over 30 years now, she works days at MIT where people could hardly guess that she wears a wig and drums on the weekends. When not drumming, she enjoys spending time with her partner, Michael, and traveling to old walled cities around the world.

Additional biographies to be posted soon.

For more info contact Larissa Sasgen, Workshop Chair. E-mail: